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Advocating for Artists’ Rights and the bodies involved

What Are Collective Management Organizations The Power of Collective Management Organizations (CMOs): Advocating for Artists’ Rights” – Examining the role of CMOs in collecting and distributing royalties on behalf of artists, particularly in territories where PROs may not operate. Collective management organization (CMO), it’s an institution that deals with collecting rights from the associated copyright holders. […]

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Understanding Performing Rights Organizations (PROs): A Guide for Musicians

Understanding Understanding Performing Rights Organizations (PROs): A Guide for Musicians(PROs): A Guide for Musicians” – Explaining the role of PROs in managing performance royalties and how they benefit songwriters, composers, and publishers. performing rights organization? Generally speaking, PRO is an organization collecting royalties on behalf of songwriters and publishers, building a link between the owners […]

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What Every Musician Should Know about Music Copyright

Navigating Music Copyright: What Every Musician Should Know” – Providing an overview of music copyright laws, including how to register copyrights, protect intellectual property, and understand the rights of creators and owners Music copyright designates legal ownership of a musical composition or sound recording. This ownership includes exclusive rights to redistribute and reproduce the work, […]

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