Understanding Understanding Performing Rights Organizations (PROs): A Guide for Musicians(PROs): A Guide for Musicians” – Explaining the role of PROs in managing performance royalties and how they benefit songwriters, composers, and publishers.

performing rights organization? Generally speaking, PRO is an organization collecting royalties on behalf of songwriters and publishers, building a link between the owners of composition copyright and the music users (from radios and streaming services to your local business broadcasting music in the store. For example in UK they have performance rights society (PRS)’ USA  America society of composers, authors and publishers  (ASCAP). In Kenya we have Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) as a collective management organisation licensed by the Kenya Copyright Board to represent performers in musical and dramatic works. and streaming services to your local business broadcasting music in the store.

Royalty Collection: PROs collect royalties on behalf of artists for the use of their music. This includes plays on the radio, television, and streaming services. It also increases exposure by working with businesses and media outlets to ensure that an artist’s music is played on the radio, television, and streaming services,this increased exposure and leads to new fans and opportunities for the artist. On other hand PROs often host events and conferences that provide artists with networking opportunities. These events can lead to collaborations and new business opportunities. Most artists can’t afford legal protection on their own but PROs offer legal protection for artists in the event of copyright infringement or other legal issues related to their music.

At present time and age all artists should be registered to PROs to maximize on monetization of their music and the growth of their brands.